About the Institute

The Rabbi Harvey J. Fields Institute, was established in 2015 by the New Israel Fund (NIF).  HFI was conceived as a means of fostering high level learning and conversation toward creating a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances of both the current state of affairs in Israel and the nature of Israel-Diaspora relationship.  For those who are concerned about the Jewish State, it is imperative that we develop a larger cadre of individuals who can assist in leading efforts to ensure a strong and viable democratic future for Israel.

As it has done for almost 37 years, NIF will continue efforts to move  Israel toward a full, robust democratic society as envisaged by its founders in its Declaration of Independence.

Institute programs are open to members only. Annual membership in the Rabbi Harvey J. Fields Institute is $1000 per person; couples are offered membership at a reduced rate of $1500 per couple. As a member of the Institute you will have the opportunity to participate in as many programs and courses as you’d like. The Institute also offers membership at a reduced rate to young adults in their 20’s and 30’s.

To learn more about how to be nominated for membership or to find out more about young adult reduced rate memberships please contact us.

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About Rabbi Harvey J. Fields

Rabbi Harvey J. Fields was a community activist and intellectual; he was the visionary spiritual leader of Los Angeles’ oldest synagogue, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, from 1982-2003. After his retirement, Rabbi Fields served as Rabbi Emeritus until his passing in 2014. He played a central role in Los Angeles intergroup relations, Jewish communal affairs, advocacy on behalf of Israel, and the search for Middle East Peace. Rabbi Fields’ commitment to Jewish scholarship and to building bridges between disparate communities serves as a lasting inspiration for all those seeking greater understanding and deeper connections with Israel and the Jewish people. Read more »

Advisory Board for the Rabbi Harvey J. Fields Institute

Michael Berenbaum
Sara and Robert Cannon*
Elliot Dorff
David Ellenson
The Harvey J. Fields Family*
Stanley and Ilene Gold*
Lisa and Joshua Greer*
Lois and Richard Gunther*
Linda Essakow and Stephen Gunther*
Deborah Hertz
Mel Levine
David N. Myers **
Laurie Gross Schaefer

**Chief Academic Advisor

New Israel Fund
Talia Sasson, President
Daniel Sokatch, CEO
Ephraim Pelcovitz, Director, LA / Southern California Region
Lisa Bell, Associate Director, LA / Southern California Region